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welcome to "world news." tonight, a special edition from charlotte, north carolina, and the democratic national convention. it is day one. and we are here. tonight secret weapon first lady michelle obama. we'll tell what you we learned about her very big speech. and the president sets up a giant debate after he grades himself on his handling of the economy. what did he say? and end in sight of these record-breaking prices at the pump. we have news of when gas prices will go down and how much. silent heart attacks. millions of americans having heart attacks and they don't know it. tonight, the symptoms how to
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tell if you've had one and how to prevent more. and when harry met alex. as it wears off after the racy photos with the cheeky 6-year-old. how the prince handled his tiny subject. good evening from charlotte, north carolina. and this week, the democratic national convention, and as we come on the air tonight, not long from now on that stage. the first lady michelle obama will enter the arena do give a speech to millions of americans about her husband and the pressure is on. because a brand-new abc news/"washington post" poll shows the president has been sliding among registered women voters, some of his strongest, most steadfast supporters.
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take a look at the poll. in april, 57% of the women said they approved the president. today, just 46%. and for the first time, more women slightly disapprove of the president than approve. that is a new low. so what is going on? is this real and what does mrs. obama have to do tonight, it's "your voice your vote." and our political team has out in force all day. let's lead off again with abc's ja jake tapper down on the convention floor. good evening, those are bad poll numbers for president obama with crucial votes, all eyes on first lady michelle obama as she comes to the podium to try to shore up that pivotal group. michelle obama came to the podium to help voters connect to her husband while the president
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can seem cool andal lo aloofs, belief it is one of his greatest assets. >> millions of americans who know that barack will fight for people like them. and barack will free finally the change that we need. >> reporter: so tonight, with the president having a record about which many voters feel ambivalent. the first lady has a simple but important task, to testify for his empathy. >> i'm going to remind people about the values that drive my husband to do what he's done and you what he's going to do for the next four years. she hopes they will believe in his motivation. she'll describe how his mother's health care struggles pushed him to pass a health care law. >> whatever i say here today, it's going to be at best a good second to the speech will you hear tonight. >> reporter: norfolk, virginia, this afternoon, the president said he's looking forward to his wife's speech. >> i'm going to be home and i'm going to be watching it with our
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girls. and i'm going to try not to let them see their daddy cry. because when michelle starts talking, i -- i start getting all misty. >> reporter: his motivations may be an easier focus than an economy that is still sputtering, and a national debt that this afternoon is $16 trillion. in the first year of his presidency, oprah winfrey asked the president to grade himself. >> b-plus. >> reporter: more than 3 1/2 years into his presidency, he gave this answer. >> i would say incomplete. >> president's obama's answer, of course, not meeting with approval from republicans who says it's gets an "f." paul ryan said this evening that president obama's self-grade of incomplete speaks for itself. >> jake, thank you. i want to bring in co-anchor of "good morning america" and host
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of "this week," george stephanopoulos. >> romney comes in with the lowest favorability rating of any challenger of any time. now, we're seeing president obama come in with the lowest favorability of any incumbent. the voters saying we're not wild about either one of these candidates. this has to be emphasized. president obama them, 46% favorable, 50% unfavorable. mitt romney, 41%, 48% unfavorable. that's why democrats are emphasizing the choice right here. even though mitt romney improved his numbers a little less he's still behind president obama. >> mrs. obama specifically? >> she won't take on mitt romney in her speech, but she will talk about how it connects do what he did as president of the last four year, connect to his policy. also look for her to talk a lot
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more what about he's learned from americans over the last four years as president. >> we're going to be here, of course, watching it together. let's head back to the convention floor. abc's cecilia vega is there. talking to delegates. >> hey, diane, good evening. we're down here with delegates from ohio, mississippi. this group is fired up and ready for a show tonight -- from hawaii, rather, they've been cheering, dancing in the aisles all evening. one of the big moments is going to be the woman introducing first lady. elaine brogh is her name. at christmas, she sent the first lady a christmas card thanking her for her work with veterans. the first lady was so moved by this woman and what this family has done for the country, she invited her to speak here tonight. she said she's nervous to take the stage, diane. a lot of eyes are going to be watching. >> thanks, cecilia.
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everyone will be watching mrs. obama. but there's someone else who electrical taking center stage tonight. as a young barack obama proved eight years ago, the keynote is also a star, today, i talked to the mayor of san antonio, julian castro who, by the way, is only 37 years old. how will we know that you're nervous? >> i can guarantee you i'll be nervous. when i get up there, i'll be ready. >> and the first hispanic? >> yeah, the first hispanic. it feels like a great opportunity. i'm very honored. at the same time, i'm not going to try to live up to folks that are in a different league. >> the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die. >> there is not a black america and a white america and latino america, an asiaen america. there's the united states of america. >> a lot of folks have asked
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about president obama's 2004 speech, he's a person of unique ability and talent. i'm going to be myself. >> like that newcomer, barack obama, castro is a son of a single mom. his grand mother immigrated to this country, taught herself english, worked as a maid, not only did julian graduate from harvard law, so did his twin brother joaquin by one minute. >> is there any chance that you could ask your brother to substitute four? just trying the twin thing here? >> no, i doubt it you know, he's way too good looking. and he's unmarried. he doesn't have a wedding ring. >> the 37, castro is the youngest mayor of any u.s. city. he's been teased by the president for his boyish looks. >> julian castro, the best lo looking -- i'm messing with you.
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>> i keep hoping one day when i'm 80 years old, i'll be 40 or something. >> we asked about that generational challenge of paul ryan's speech. >> college graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading obama posters. >> if you look at the policy that they embrace, a lot of those young folks won't even make it to college under the policies that governor romney and congressman ryan would embrace. their future would be limited, you know, working at a job. >> but how do you convey to them that a second four years will bring more than the first four did for them? >> looking as we were as a nation when president obama took office, a nation that's losing 750,000 jobs looking where we are now, with 4.5 million new jobs created, that's more than that was created under the previous administration's eight years. >> so tonight it is mayor julian castro who walks on to the
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international stage, by the way, his brother, his best friend and he says his life long champion is going to introduce him to the world. >> my brother has been the dreamer between the two of us. and so it's just very meaningful for me to get to share the moment with him. like we've shared everything in our lives together. >> what is the sentence you most hope people will say after tonight's speech? >> opportunity. >> really nervous, he says. and ready. and as we said, george and i and the entire political team will be here tonight for the big kickoff of the democratic national convention starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern and we hope you join us. now, we move on from the political stage to the family budget and the price of gasoline. if you were one of the 33 million americans who hit the road this holiday weekend, you felt it. the price of gas at a record high tonight. the average price $3.84 a gallon. that's up 7 cents in a week.
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but we were told today that relief is in sight. and soon. abc's alex perez now on when it will drop and how much. alex? >> reporter: diane, here at the chicago gas station, they're paying 85 cents more than the national average. it's a sight being seen across gas stations across the country. the average price is up 17 cents from last year. prices were inching up when the hurricane forced the gulf coast to shut down. but there's good news, with operations, our experts believe relife is coming our way with the end of the summer driving season and a cheaper winter blend, our experts predict by thanksgiving, average gas prices will drop to about $3.25 or $3.50 a gallon. a big improvement from the $3.84 average we are seeing today. and there is immediate relief in sight. aaa believes prices could be up pre-hurricane isaac levels by
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next week. diane. >> thanks so much, alex. and as you mentioned hurricane isaac, the remnants of that storm still pouring down across the northeast which meant for many families, children went back to school in slickers and boots. but down in the gulf, school was canceled for a lot of children as the region digs out from those floods and here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: 15-year-old sean mccurley should be in school today. instead, he's helping his parents clean debris from the la place, louisiana home. you don't know where to begin. >> to be honest with you, it's hot and sticky, and my house is stinky and the carpetses are all wet and mold is growing. >> reporter: nearby their entire nehborhood had to be rescued by boat last week. one thing that couldn't be saved -- the nearby elementary school. classrooms were flooded with a foot and a half of water. today, cleanup crews roam the halls instead of its 650 students.
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while this may be the first day of school for most in louisiana, about 130 public schools are closed in the hardest hit parishes. >> what do think is gonna happen? >> soon i think we will be able to go back to school. once everything gets back to normal i think we will be able to go back to school. >> reporter: here in st. john parish, they are now planning to open the schools next week. some of the schools. east st. john high school is still surrounded by water. it will be months before kids can return here. right now, the parish is scrambling to figure out when and where those students will go back to class. diane. >> still tough times, thanks so much, ryan. and from the gulf now, we move out west where tonight more than 700 firefighters are battling a wildfire in angeles national work. 30 miles west of l.a. they're beating back flames by
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ground and air. the park is a popular destination for campers and hikers, most of whom have been evacuated. coming up right here from charlotte on "world news," why don't the big money donors from the democratic party want to talk to our brian ross? you'll see next. before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over.
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north carolina. the weight of big names due to speak at the democratic national convention. but behind highly closed doors, there are legions of mega donors whose names you will not hear. they have raised millions for president obama, and for some less than a gateway to perks, favors and even important jobs. here's abc's chief investigative reporter brian ross on the money trail again tonight. >> reporter: just like the republicans, the democrats in charlotte are treating their big money people like political royalty. >> there are the convention delegates and then there's the elite. >> reporter: this confidential contain document lays out the perks for the superdonors. the tough package for those who raise more than $1 million. with access to places most delegates will never see, including this invitation-only concert last night by pop singer john legend. ♪ >> it's the top rung players and basically, most of the delegates to the convention and most of the american people are left out of this loop.
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>> reporter: in addition to the pickses xz there be perks, there are jobs to from our abc news money trail files from a big donor event at the 2008 convention in denver, we found obama fund-raiser allen katz, one of 24 to be named an ambassador. nicole lamb-hale, another big fund-raiser. in 2008, fund-raiser steve spinner also raised $150,000. when we found spinner being honored among the big donors this year again in charlotte, he went out a side exit. >> you cannot be following people. >> reporter: a democratic party official blocked our camera crews and followed. yet another fund-raiser here
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this week, chicago stockbroker, raj fernando was named to the advisory board but resigned shortly after abc news asked about his qualifications to be on the board. it was not something fernando wanted to talk about this week. >> this is abc news -- >> reporter: we were told to leave the hotel or face arrest. >> you'll be arrested. >> reporter: i'll be arrested for asking questions of this man? the democrats like to say they're different than republicans, more open about the money, but in fact, like the republican, democrats continue to keep secret the names of biggest donors to outside advocacy groups, the head of those of super funds tells me he does just as karl rove does. >> thanks so much, brian. and coming up, silent heart attacks. millions of us have had them, did not know it how to tell if
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you're one of them and how to save your life. we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger.
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we test-drove the camry, took it on the freeway, and it was just like -- this was the car for me. [ ryan ] it has stuff that guys like, like the rims and the sleekness to the body. and, then, had the bluetooth and the navigation that diana really wanted. [ diana ] and it was a sport edition, so it felt really grounded to the ground. [ man ] grounded to the ground? yes, yes! grounded to the ground. [ male announcer ] see their story and more at the camry effect. camry. from toyota. and now, that important news tonight about health. from the journal of the american medical association, it is about what they call silent heart attacks, the ones without the classic chest pain. this new study finds 17% of seniors over the age of 68 have had a silent heart attack. may not know it. having one means you're ten times more likely to have a heart problem in the future. symptoms may be as mild as
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nausea, dizziness, light headedness, excess fatigue. experts say tell your doctors about these symptoms, too. and if kelly ripa wanted a partner who could actually scoop her off her feet, new co-host michael strahan sweeping her off her feet. we went through the archives, seems as if he might have been prepared in 2008. listen. >> what are you going to do with the rest of your life? you got a lot of personality, a lot of charisma, what do you think you're going to do? >> there's a show on right now that maybe you're going to -- >> live with michael and kelly! >> and he got his wish. and coming up here, the 6-year-old who got a royal warning aboutrincharry. ♪
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i love you grandpa! i love you grandma! now you're a real fisherman. [ male announcer ] humana. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. finally tonight, call it the harry met alex. the prince's is on a very well behaved charity tour after the racy pictures in vegas, but he met his match. a 6-year-old with a very
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mischievous sense of questions and hour. here's abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: harry was back in the public spotlight today, poolside for the paralympics and yes, fully clothed. in the two weeks since his racy romp in las vegas, harry had been lying low. but now he's back and every bit the charming prince. >> never once being shy in coming forward, i'll give it a go. [ laughter ] >> reporter: at a charity event for six children, harry heard 6-year-old alex logan say what he was going to say to the prince. >> i'm glad you got your clothes on, prince harry. >> reporter: harry beat him to the punch, wagging his finger and smiling, bringing cheer to some very ill children. this is the harry the royals depend to help boost the image of the crown. in the gallery of royals we know william the conqueror and catherine the great. question is what will harry be?
6:58 pm
there's harry the clown. harry the flirt. harry the soldier. the feeling here is that harry will just be harry and that's okay. his unbridled charm always help him to make up for his missteps. so ti may just be the face of harry the humanitarian that wins out. lama hasan, abc news, london. >> and we thank you for watching. and the whole political team will be here at 10:00 p.m. for the kickoff of the democratic national convention. ms. obama's speech tonight. and a special edition of "nightline" with terry moran later. i'll see you again soon. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxaxe. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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